The Galley Part 1

When my Dad built the boat first he installed a proper kitchen sink into the boat. It worked great for years but on our last trip, where I was living on the boat in France with my Dad, we found that the sink wasn’t draining properly. We lived with it as it was not a big inconvenience at the time. After we came back from France it got progressively worse but as we were mainly day sailing her I ignored it.


Now that the boat is out of the water and we are doing a big job on her I decided to take the hole unit out and find the root of the problem.

The sink itself wasn’t too hard to get out as it was held in with only a few screws and the flexible drainage pipe was attached with jubliee-clips. After that there is a steal flange for the flexible pipe to go over, a valve and a heavy steal pipe that is welded to the hull. The sea-cock is designed in such away that even if the valve is taken off the heavy pipe the sea will still be lover than the top of the pipe.


This is a great design but unfortunately even though I had changed the flexible pipe to try and resolve my issue I never checked the Heavy Pipe. I can be seen here trying to remove the old valve which was seized and blocked.


The inside of the pipe and valve were almost completly caked up with dried kitchen waste and mud.

I have also taken a lot of the parts off the cooker and cleaned down all the surfaces in the galley. I will wire brush all of the cooker parts in the workshop at home and possibly spray them with thermal paint to give them a fresh new look.


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