Paddy’s Special

Saint Patrick’s weekend was a productivity weekend on An Gobadan. We both had four days off work so we made the most of the break. Rhys Walters and Sinead Crowley both helped us both over the weekend which always makes the work that bit more enjoyable.

This weekend we focused on sanding and painting much to the interior.

paddysweekend15 paddysweekend8

Thank god for white spirits it saved many of my mistakes!

Irial and Rhys worked on the exterior of the boat. The ankle grinder was going for most of the weekend. They got most of the rust off the Wheel House. Rust is Irial’s nemesis, he cannot wait for the day that scientists come up with a cure for rust! After the rust was removed we used Jotamastic 87 2pac epoxy primer to protect the steel.

paddysweekend4 paddysweekend20

We also got the sink fixed. They got the fittings cleaned and inserting new plumbing fixtures. Our oven has also been cleaned up and it looks like new!

Before cleaning:

weekend2-21 weekend013

After cleaning:




All in all we are delighted with our progress and next weekend is another long weekend so not long more until she is seaworthy again!


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