Let there be light

The lights we had on the boat were old fluorescent tubes that ran on 12v. They were properly quite efficient from their time bbut that was 2 years ago and lighting technology has come a long way since then.


I went online and ordered some 12v LED lights that looked like they  would work for our situation, like everything you buy online I was not sure of the quality of the product I was buying so I only ordered two. On arrival I was pleasantly surprised to find the lights were much brighter than I was expecting and more that adequate for our needs. Here is a link to them


We ordered the larger version with 2 LED strips in them. We are going to order more of this size to fit in the salon, galley, chart table and work shop but I think they might be too bright for the cabins. We’ll have to find some nice small ones, maybe with a pivoting head.


We also got some 12v to USB sockets for charging electronics. I’m going to go into the power system in more detail in another post but for now here is the USB sockets. I have them mounted in a case I 3D printed.


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