Vent for our fridge

We didn’t have a fridge before so finding a place to put one was kind of hard. Eventually we decided to put it in one of the lockers in the bow cabin as it makes a bit of noise and it is an easy locker to get at. The only problem is that the fridge requires air to be circulated around it and when the locker is closed there is no room to circulate air. 

So one of the jobs today is to add vents to the side of this locker. We are adding two so that the warm air will create a draft and help bring in colder air.

I started by placing the vent in the location I wanted it and marking one of the holes.

Then after drilling the first hole we bolted the grill in place so that the rest of the holes would be drilled in the right places.

Once all fo the holes were drilled we marked out a rectangle of material we wanted to remove.

We drilled 4 holes big enough to insert the jigsaw. The hole also give the vent hole nice rounded corners.

As the grill was going over the vent hole we weren’t too woried about appearance’s. Here is a pic of the vent with the protective plastic removed and all the bolts inserted. On reflection the stainless steal bolts may have been an overkill.

Thanks for reading. Any questions you can email us at or message us on instagram @asailingadventure

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