Heir Island- A short cruise and a broken camera.

Since we have both finished up work and moved onto the boat we haven’t had very good weather. It has been very windy and quite wet. As a result we haven’t made it far from Baltimore on our shakedown cruises.

We spent a night anchored off heir island where we walked to the far end of the island to take some photos and see the sights. Unfortunately our good camera broke half way through the day so we only got and few nice shots to show you.

I was sad to see the old camera go as I had the camera almost 5 years and it went everywhere with me. We were going to be using the camera a lot we ordered and new body for it straight away. I had no hesitation in getting the same camera as the old one had survived so well and always produced great results. We got the new camera in the post in a few days.



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