Cape Clear- A rough night at sea

We wanted to spend a night at sea before we did our first crossing to France. One evening we decided to just sail out towards the Mizen Head. This was not our best idea as this particular night ended up being very rough with very steep choppy waves. We were out about 3 hours out when we decided that it wasn’t worth putting ourselves through a full night of horror. We changed our course and decided to make something out of the sail by sailing into the nearest harbour, Cape Clear North.

It’s a small harbour with steep rock cliffs on either side of the entrance. It was about 2am by the time we made our way into the harbour and tied up at the pier. We eat some lovely vegetarian chilli that Ciara had prepared before we headed off. We then collapsed into bed and fell straight asleep.

The following morning (maybe midday) we were greeted with sunshine and a much calmer day. We spent a few hours tidying up the boat as stuff had falled all over the place the night before. One of our friends paid us a visit in his rib and then we sailed back to Baltimore with a nice following wind.
The experience of the night before was a bit putting off at the time but looking back on it now I think it was good that we got stuck in some really crappy weather, if only for a few hours. it was a bit of a warning to make sure you are properly prepared and that you make sure that you have a good handle on the weather forecast.

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