Tom Crean – An Unsung Hero

Some of you will recognise the iconic picture of Tom Crean, one of the greatest characters in the history of polar exploration. Crean may not be a household name when compared to the likes of Shackelton and Scott. However Crean is a great example of the many people who risked their lives to go to places mankind had ever dared to go before. It is incredible to read what they went through during those times. They had a completely different threshold for endurance which we do not come close to today. We only think we know about hardship. Reading this book during the Winter in Canada makes me realise that most modern people have no real complaints and I will think twice when complaining of the cold!Tom Crean hailed from County Kerry, Ireland. He was one of the hardest humans that ever lived. He managed to travel and explore the Antarctic on three occasions. If you do not know this inspiring story we highly recommend reading An Unsung Hero. Crean’s story is one of ingenuity, survival and heroism. He is one of the many people who have inspired us to keep travelling and exploring.#thelastfrontier #discovery #endurance #terranova #polar #southpole #antarctic #unsunghero #tomcrean #anasaul #exploration #anunsunghero #scott #shackleton #polarexploration #hero #survival

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