VLOG 003 – A Sailing Adventure – Drilling holes in the hull

In this episode we discover some problems in the bilge and Irial looks for possible solutions.

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Vlog 001 – A Sailing Adventure

Our first Vlog!!

We’ve put together a short video documenting our current progress on the boat. We hope this will be the first of many videos.

In this episode we are removing some of the rust from the hull and covering the steel with We also so some interior work – lots and lots of painting!

Enjoy the video!

Guess how many times Irial can say the word ‘hard’ in the space of 60 seconds?!

CANON 600D – http://www.dpreview.com
CANON LENSE 18-135mm – http://www.dpreview.com/
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Safety First Kids!

We got some new protective gear this weekend to help with the boat maintenance. Here’s Ciara with her new gloves and mask.


And here’s Ciara working with the ankle grinder.


And about 20minutes later Ciara was on her way to the hospital. The ankle grinder slipped and Ciara ended up getting stitches along her baby finger. It can so easily happen. You should always be prepared and have a first aid kit onboard.

On the plus side Ciara now has an awesome scar!

The Engine Room Part 1

The engine in our boat is in a room of its own. This means that we never have oil or diesel or fumes from the engine coming into our living space. It also means that I have a place to keep all of the tools we need for fixing the boat in a separate location.

The engine we have is a 65hp Sole Diesel which is a Mitsubishi engine that has been converted to run in a boat. The engine has its own coolant that runs through a heat exchanger which is cooled by salt water. This means that there is no salt water running through the engine. We put this engine into her just before we went on our last big trip so it’s still very new and in great condition.


Unfortunately due to a leaky vent and the boat been put away in a rush the last time it was used, the engine room was a bit of a mess.
2015-11-14 16.36.13

The engine room also has a small work bench with a vice on it.

2015-11-14 16.36.22  weekend2-18

We spent the weekend cleaning out the bilge and taking out all the rubbish.

We can access the top of the engine from the floor of the wheel house, this is also where the engine battery is stored.

2015-11-14 16.32.55    2015-11-14 16.35.03

And here is a picture after we cleaned out all the loose rust and cleared the drainage pipe which was blocked.


And a photo of the floor of the engine room after I power washed it.