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  1. Hello Ciara and Irial…I hope you are both doing well and loving it all.

    I have a question….I have a GoPro Hero Session. I am thinking of getting a drone. Is there a compatible drone that you would recommend or should I get a GoPro Karma with the Hero 5 which also included the Karma stabiliser?

    1. Hi Barney,I haven’t flown a karma but but i have Flown a lot of DJI Drones and they have always worked really well for me. The karma is handy because you have the stabilizer you can take of and use separately. If it was me id get a DJI with built in camera and a separate stabilizer for the gopro. the 2 drones id look at are the DJI MAvic and the DJI Phantom 4, the triad off between the 2 is size vr quality, the mavik is small, very portable and still very good quality shooting 1080p, the Phantom 4 is bigger but also shoots 4k and has a bigger sensor.
      Let us know how you get on.

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